Transportation Projects in the 33rd District

The Illinois Department of Transportation’s multi-year plan will improve 2,779 miles of roads and 7.9 million square feet of bridge deck while creating thousands of jobs. Of the $20.7 billion to be spent overall, $3.32 billion has been earmarked for projects during the next fiscal year.

Click here to see the full list of projects included in the six-year plan, and click here to see a list of projects specific to the 33rd Senate District.

“This plan provides for $83.43 million in improvements to state highways within the 33rd Senate District, and another $4.8 million in work on local highways, with projects scheduled in both Kane and McHenry Counties,” said Sen. DeWitte. “Of that total, just over $16 million is allocated toward projects that should get underway very soon in Fiscal Year 2022. Not only will these projects create economic opportunity and an abundance of jobs, but they will also improve safety on our local and state roads and bridges.”

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