Senator DeWitte Applauds State Allocation of Funds to Make Longmeadow Bridge Toll-Free

Due to a bipartisan push by legislators in Kane County, money has been included in the Illinois Fiscal Year 2023 budget to ensure the Longmeadow Parkway Bridge will be toll-free. Kane County’s Department of Transportation (KDOT) expects the project to be completed in 2023. In response to the inclusion of funds in the FY23 budget, State Senator Donald DeWitte (R-St. Charles) issued the following statement:

“I was pleased to do my part to keep this project on the front burner and help secure this important funding for a toll-free Longmeadow Bridge. Providing the residents of Kane County and southern McHenry County with an additional bridge across the Fox River has been a key element of my legislative agenda since I took office, and being able to remove the significant tolling burden for residents is a huge, bipartisan success.

“While this multi-million-dollar financial commitment from the State should alleviate any future delays with the completion of this project, it is unfortunate that it took this long to address the tolling issue. Back when the planning for this bridge was being finalized by the Kane County Board, rather than securing adequate funding sources, former Board Chairman Chris Lauzen took a short-sighted approach by deciding to use a toll bridge to help cover costs. In my opinion, he had a responsibility to secure full funding. Instead, he took the easy route of placing a financial burden on the backs of Kane and McHenry County residents. It was poor planning on his part and I’m glad we could correct it.”

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