Senator Don DeWitte Tapped for Influential Leadership Roles in 102nd General Assembly

A second-term lawmaker, Sen. DeWitte was elevated in early January to the position of Assistant Republican Leader. In this role, the Senator is part of a nine-member leadership team that sets the Senate Republicans’ legislative agenda and coordinates the advancement of legislation that protects taxpayers, promotes economic growth, and ensures a more transparent and ethical state government.

“Sen. DeWitte’s combination of public service and private sector experience grant him unique insight into the great problems we are taking on in Illinois,” said Leader McConchie. “He has shown himself to be a leader, not just in our caucus, but throughout the General Assembly. I look forward to working with him in his new role as Assistant Republican Leader to help bring more jobs and opportunities to people throughout our state.”

As bills begin to be vetted at the committee level this month, Sen. DeWitte will serve as the Republican Spokesperson on the influential Senate Revenue Committee. “In 2020, I was part of a bipartisan group of Senators who did a line-by-line review of the budget,” said Sen. DeWitte. “This ‘budgeteers’ group worked collaboratively, and the experience was extremely valuable. It provided me with a thorough understanding of the intricacies of state budgeting, and will serve as a beneficial framework as I become the ranking Republican on the Revenue Committee.”

Sen. DeWitte will also return as the Republican Spokesperson for the Senate Transportation Committee, and will serve as a member of the Executive, Local Government, Pensions, Commerce, and Behavioral & Mental Health Committees. 

Last week DeWitte was also appointed to serve on the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR), a bipartisan and bicameral oversight panel. The 12 members of JCAR oversee the rule-making process by state agencies, making sure the rules abide by the original intent of legislators when laws are passed. Membership is apportioned equally between the two houses and the two political parties. At JCAR’s next meeting on February 16, the panel will consider controversial rules for “Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading Standards” which have been promulgated by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).

“It is a privilege to be chosen for these positions,” said Sen. DeWitte. “Illinois faces some incredibly tough hurdles, and I look forward to having a seat at the table as Senate Republicans promote good policy and fight back against legislative proposals that do not chart a better future for our state.”

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