DeWitte, Senate Republicans urge Gov. to revise Restore Illinois plan

As surrounding states ease their COVID-19 restrictions at a much faster pace than Illinois, State Senator Don DeWitte (R-St. Charles) joined his Senate Republican colleagues today in issuing a letter to the Governor requesting that he consider revising his Restore Illinois plan.

“Individuals and businesses here in Illinois continue to suffer as they watch those in other states reopen their businesses, return to work, and enjoy various activities and gatherings,” said Sen. DeWitte. “Illinois residents have had enough with the stringent restrictions placed upon them, especially as they witness the recent double standard in regard to the protests happening throughout the state. While these protests are justified, the lack of social distancing among those gathering in public places is a slap in the face to business owners who have been threatened with citations, jail time, and revocation of their permits and licenses to operate, throughout this pandemic.”

In the letter, DeWitte and his colleagues point out the inconsistencies found within the Governor’s Restore Illinois plan and what is now being ignored in cases of large public gatherings of demonstrators.

The letter also suggests that the Governor change his arbitrary 28-day timeline between phases to the national standard of 14 days, noting the positive trends taking place throughout the state.

“Every region in the state is currently meeting the criteria to enter into Phase Four of the Governor’s Restore Illinois plan,” said Sen. DeWitte. “But because of the illogical timeline, the state can’t move to the next phase until June 26.”

A copy of the letter referenced can be found below.

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