DeWitte opposed partisan budget

State Senator Don DeWitte (R-St Charles) released the following statement after the passage of the state’s FY21 budget:

“I voted against a partisan budget that increases our state’s spending to nearly $43 billion, while at the same time freezing education funding and relying on around $6.5 billion in unsubstantiated borrowing. These are wishful, irresponsible and frankly dangerous actions taken by the Democratic-majority during a time in which our state can ill afford uncertainty and instability.

“Democrat lawmakers also give the governor unfettered control over billions of lump sum budget line items and federal COVID-19 relief funds. After weeks of unilateral decision-making done at the behest of an unchecked executive branch, this cannot be allowed to stand. Lawmakers cannot be complacent in sitting idly by as our governor acts with complete impunity.”

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